The Cross

The cross is the universal Christian symbol. The cross on which Jesus was executed 2000 years ago had its hidden meaning. It’s one of the earliest and most widely used Christian symbols. History has shown that the cross was being used many centuries before Jesus Christ came on earth. Long before Christianity started, it was used as a symbol of identification or possession and didn’t have any significance for belief and worship. The ancient Greeks were pictured with a cross over their head.The Egyptians used the religious cross to symbolize abundance. During the ancient times, the Greeks used to see the cross as an architectural and decorative symbol during the fourth century. In the early ages crosses were decorated to show great significance in the society.

Christian use of the cross began during Constantine time and archaeologists have not managed to find any other significant symbol used before that time. The cross originated among the ancient Babylonians of Chaldea. During the period of human civilization, it was used as an ornamental value but also had religious significance. Before Christianity began, it was interpreted as the mystic representation of lightening, symbol of sun or sacred fire. Before Jesus was crucified, the cross had a historical meaning as a method of execution. Long before Christ criminals were either tied or nailed to a wooden cross which was a painful way of execution.

The meaning of the cross today is completely different. Nowadays it symbolizes the religion of Christianity. It’s a representation of Jesus Christ crucification.The cross pays our debt and washes away our sins. It’s the demonstration of God’s power to save his people. What we believe is that God sent his son Jesus Christ to come and save us from sins. It’s acknowledged by many denominations as the identifier of Christian faith. Through faith we receive the sacrifice he offered for our sins. There is no need to use animal blood to offer as sacrifice since the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse and purify all kinds of sins. His crucification on the cross is the only way that was to fulfill Old Testament prophesies. This was the demonstration of the greatest love of all.

Christians wear jewelry in the form of a cross all the time. It reminds them that Jesus Christ died for us and all of mankind so that we can have ever lasting life. It also shows that we have no power to save ourselves. The cross is a common symbol in the church altars, on our walls and on our necks. From Christian point of view, it represents the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The significance of the cross is to help us understand what Jesus did for us is very important. Further, it’s an indication that we are sinful beings and there is no way to fix or correct that. The cross is a free gift to those who accepts him. This shows Jesus power over purpose and that the power of cross can change lives.

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