The Meaning of Ichthus

Probably the very first symbol adopted by the early Church was the Fish symbol known in Greek as the Ichthus. “Ichthus” is the acrostic for Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter. This translated into English is: Jesus Christ, Son of GOD, Savior; and, serves as the testimony of faith for Christians to this day. The Ichthus symbolizes the Christian who walks by Faith and not by sight.

During the era of fierce persecution at the hands of the Roman government, the early Christians found themselves on the run and their movement was forced underground. Christian literature and bodies were seized and burned. The Ichthus was adopted as a discreet symbol of identification among the first Christians.The Ichthus would be inconspicuously drawn to point toward secret meeting locations, also designating where Christians could secure food and lodging from their compatriots or sympathizers to their cause.

Yahshua’ performed many miracles that involved fish. The proselytizing of Yahshua’ and his disciples is known as “fishing.” The Fish also represents the Piscean cycle from the time of Yahshua’ to the end of the last century. The 2,000 years of the Piscean cycle were characterized by the dominance of the Church and the prevalence of war.

Time is a revolving wheel, and the Zodiac, which is viewed with skepticism by many, was originally intended to be used as a calendar for the reckoning of Time (see Genesis 1:14). Each 2000 and some odd years the wheel of Time passes through one of the zodialogical houses. A complete cycle is 24 or 25 thousand years. We have come to the end of a 25,000 year cycle.

The past three cycles were marked by the growth and dominance of three religions: Mithraism in the Age of Taurus; Judaism in the Age of Aries; and, Christianism in the Age of Pisces.

What will be the religion of the new Aquarian Age? We have arrived at the “Dawn” of the New Day! The current cycle in which we live, the Aquarian cycle, is not just a time of political change but a time of Universal change. The world as we once knew it to be has come to an end. This world will undergo a 100% complete transformation. There will be no need for a “religion” in the New Age as each man, woman and child will bask in the Light of the Knowledge of God. There will be no need for religious teachers: rabbis, priests, pastors, or imams; because, we will be ONE with Our Lord (Jeremiah 31: 33 & 34).

Elyah Israel is an author, visionary and the founder of CHRIST CONSCIOUS CENTRE. CCC is a ministry devoted to the research, and development of the Inner Christ -the True Realization of GOD in ourselves. Elyah publishes books, articles, and essays dedicated to espousing the Gospel of the Inner Teaching. The Gospel of the Inner Teaching is a Salve of Healing for our world which is drunk with dogma and division and sick with superstition. CHRIST CONSCIOUS CENTRE advocates and promotes literacy and scholarship in Biblical Hebrew. Hebrew is the language that YAHWEH spoke, and the Original language in which the Holy Bible was written. The Hebrew Aleph Beyt is an ancient system of alphanumeric/ hieroglyphic symbols. When we explore this body of Wisdom we gain the mystical insight to think outside of the (traditional) box regarding Scriptural interpretations. The Knowledge contained in this Body of Wisdom is the Key to Understanding the inner meaning of the Holy Bible.




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The Meaning of Ankh

Everyone is familiar with the ankh, it is a widespread symbol seen as an ankh charm, on decorative items and T shirts throughout the world. In appearance it is similar the Christian cross but with a loop above the bar. Although its origins are something of a mystery but its meaning is very clear. It’s the Egyptian hieroglyph for ‘eternal life’ and is seen in decorative work in tombs and on household objects left in the tombs which were either shaped in the form of an ankh or decorated with this symbol.

The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life. This life is created through the union of a man and a woman. The male portion of the symbol is recognized as the bottom vertical stem that resembles the male reproductive organ. The female portion of the symbol is recognized as the top vertical oval shape that resembles the female reproductive organ. The horizontal line that joins the male and female symbols is the final piece that completes this tie that binds the two individuals together into a single creative force that has the ability to produce a child or life as we often refer to it.

This awesome act of creation that brings about a life should not be taken lightly. Once you realize how much of a miracle your life and existence truly is, this perspective should open up a whole new world of thoughts and possibilities. You are wonderfully and uniquely made. There is not another you out there in this large vast world we live in!

You have been created as a one of a kind, unique limited edition model never to be duplicated. This revelation should spark a fire inside of you to truly take a good long hard look at your life to insure that you are fulfilling all the gifts, talents, and blessings that were bestowed upon you. If you take the time to really seek within your own heart you will find all the answers you have been looking for to truly understand why you were created and what tasks you are responsible to fulfill in this lifetime.

Your existence has meaning and you will never truly be fulfilled in your life and complete until you carry out the tasks that were entrusted to you from the beginning. I trust that this rekindled interest in your life will bring about some wonderful discoveries and interesting outcomes. Just rest and believe in the fact that your creative life’s purpose will bring you both joy and contentment that truly cannot be defined or described by words.

You will marvel at how everything just seems to fall into place once you find and carry out your life’s calling. You have sensed this polarity on your life before and now you see why it is so very important to listen to that voice that is beckoning you to become all that you know you are capable of being.

Embrace your life once and for all and watch its purpose unfold before your very eyes. The awesome and unlimited you awaits your next move to a totally unbelievable and breath-taking life.

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The Hidden Meaning Behind The Star Of David

The Star of David has a special meaning in Hebrew. In Hebrew, it is known as Megen David or the Shield of David. Currently, the symbol is globally accepted as modern Jewish identification and Judaism. Typically, you will find the star in a Hexagram shape, which remains the combination of two equal triangles. Unlike the lulav, the shofar, the Lion of Judah and the menorah, the Star of David was not a special Jewish symbol. Among the Jewish settlements of Eastern Europe the symbol started to proliferate during the 19th century. It is uniquely used among the Jewish societies in the Pale of Settlement. One hidden value of the star is to imitate or envision the importance of the Christian cross. The earliest Jewish usage of the sign emanated from ancient Arabic literature written by Kabbalists for use in talismanic security amulets and practically seen as the Seal of Solomon.

In early times, the sign was utilized in Christian worship places as a decorative motif several centuries prior to its premier use in a Jewish synagogue. The official use in Jewish settlements was primarily known only to the region of today’s Austria, Czech Republic and some parts of Southern Germany prior to the 19th century. The symbol triumph after several years to become the representation of the global Zionist community. The broader Jewish community later approved the sign as the general symbol on their flag in 1897 at the First Zionist Congress. The identification or representation of the Shield of David or Star of David with the hexagram design dates back to the seventeenth century. The phrase Megen Davis is as well used in the Siddur as a representation of the God of Israel.

Since antiquity, the hexagram often appears not frequently in Jewish contexts, apparently as a design motif. For instance, in Israel, there’s a stone or rock carrying a hexagram design from the arch of a 3rd-4th-century worship place in the Galilee. Typically, the hexagram shape might have been used as an architectural item on synagogues. You can find it is places like the Marktkirche at Hanover, cathedrals of Stendal and Brandenburg. At Tell Hum, a pentagram of this nature is found in an ancient synagogue. In synagogues, the symbol is related to the mezuzah. The use of the sign in the Jewish societies may occur as early as in the eleventh century. It was used as the design of the carpet content of the well-known Tanakh manuscript, the Leningrad Codex reads 1008.

The sign also illuminates an ancient Tanakh manuscript dated 1307 that belongs to Rabbi Yosef bar Yehuda ben Marvas held in Toledo, Spain. The Turcomans who lived and reigned in Anatolia around the thirteenth century inherited the symbol from the Seljuk Turks. As early as the year 1200, Islamic coins from the occupation of Khalif Nasreddin Mahmoud bin Mohammad after the Turkish influence displayed the Star of David on one side and a double-headed eagle on the other corner. Above all, the symbol is strongly associated with the freedom of the Jewish people as noticed in Israel’s 1948 Independence Day.


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The Cross

The cross is the universal Christian symbol. The cross on which Jesus was executed 2000 years ago had its hidden meaning. It’s one of the earliest and most widely used Christian symbols. History has shown that the cross was being used many centuries before Jesus Christ came on earth. Long before Christianity started, it was used as a symbol of identification or possession and didn’t have any significance for belief and worship. The ancient Greeks were pictured with a cross over their head.The Egyptians used the religious cross to symbolize abundance. During the ancient times, the Greeks used to see the cross as an architectural and decorative symbol during the fourth century. In the early ages crosses were decorated to show great significance in the society.

Christian use of the cross began during Constantine time and archaeologists have not managed to find any other significant symbol used before that time. The cross originated among the ancient Babylonians of Chaldea. During the period of human civilization, it was used as an ornamental value but also had religious significance. Before Christianity began, it was interpreted as the mystic representation of lightening, symbol of sun or sacred fire. Before Jesus was crucified, the cross had a historical meaning as a method of execution. Long before Christ criminals were either tied or nailed to a wooden cross which was a painful way of execution.

The meaning of the cross today is completely different. Nowadays it symbolizes the religion of Christianity. It’s a representation of Jesus Christ crucification.The cross pays our debt and washes away our sins. It’s the demonstration of God’s power to save his people. What we believe is that God sent his son Jesus Christ to come and save us from sins. It’s acknowledged by many denominations as the identifier of Christian faith. Through faith we receive the sacrifice he offered for our sins. There is no need to use animal blood to offer as sacrifice since the blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse and purify all kinds of sins. His crucification on the cross is the only way that was to fulfill Old Testament prophesies. This was the demonstration of the greatest love of all.

Christians wear jewelry in the form of a cross all the time. It reminds them that Jesus Christ died for us and all of mankind so that we can have ever lasting life. It also shows that we have no power to save ourselves. The cross is a common symbol in the church altars, on our walls and on our necks. From Christian point of view, it represents the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The significance of the cross is to help us understand what Jesus did for us is very important. Further, it’s an indication that we are sinful beings and there is no way to fix or correct that. The cross is a free gift to those who accepts him. This shows Jesus power over purpose and that the power of cross can change lives.

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The Hidden Meaning Behind the Triquetra Symbol

Symbols have had a fascinating history. Since time immemorial, humans have tried to associate meaning with many figures and symbols. With the rise of new, highly codified faiths and persecution of the ancient way of doing things, many of these symbols and their significance have gotten lost in the sands of time, however many still endure.

The triquetra is among the few symbols of ancient mysticism and spirituality that still hold significance and commands a major following. Its origins and early history are not clear but there is no doubt that it appears in cultures across the globe.

The term “triquetra” is an ancient symbol with rich significance across cultures. It consists of three interconnected leaf-like shapes and derives its name from Latin,translating to mean three cornered. In some designs, it is placed inside a circle and that is intended to represent protection and spiritual unity.

The number three itself is steeped in spiritual significance. Christianity has the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Hindu mythology has a triad of deities that are responsible for the functioning of the cosmic cycle, namely the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer. This symbolism associated with the number three also extends to many other cultures.

The triquetra symbol represents a ‘group of three’, and has had a presence across the globe, including Europe and North America. Its usage goes far back in time and in fact, it has appeared in some Indian heritage sites that are dated to be from a period 5,000 years ago.

In addition to the Trinity in Christianity, the triquetra is also significant in many other cultures. In pagan and Wiccan cultures, it represents the elements air, water and earth as forces of nature. It has also been used to symbolize fertility and the triple Goddesses of maiden, mother, and crone, signifying the three stages of innocence, creation, and wisdom.

This idea of ‘threes’ has many other forms like mind, body, soul; past, present, future; and thought, feeling emotion. The triquetra also signifies idea of eternity, infinity, protection, and equality.

In modern times, it has become popular as artwork and is often seen on brand logos, games, music, and television. It is also known as the trinity knot and is a popular choice for pendant designs and rings. In fact, Ireland still has a tradition where a man gives his beloved a trinket with a triquetra symbol.

Even today, this symbol goes beyond being merely decorative and holds deep significance for many people and is seen as being more than just art. People, who identify with Celtic culture, use the triquetra to represent the magic of three in their cosmology and theology.

There are some who believe that the triquetra symbol is a manifestation of 666 and represents the devil. However, if you look at all the spiritual ideas that it is related to, you will see at as a beautiful symbol of positivity, nature and creation and striving for the right balance.

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