The Meaning of Ankh

Everyone is familiar with the ankh, it is a widespread symbol seen as an ankh charm, on decorative items and T shirts throughout the world. In appearance it is similar the Christian cross but with a loop above the bar. Although its origins are something of a mystery but its meaning is very clear. It’s the Egyptian hieroglyph for ‘eternal life’ and is seen in decorative work in tombs and on household objects left in the tombs which were either shaped in the form of an ankh or decorated with this symbol.

The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life. This life is created through the union of a man and a woman. The male portion of the symbol is recognized as the bottom vertical stem that resembles the male reproductive organ. The female portion of the symbol is recognized as the top vertical oval shape that resembles the female reproductive organ. The horizontal line that joins the male and female symbols is the final piece that completes this tie that binds the two individuals together into a single creative force that has the ability to produce a child or life as we often refer to it.

This awesome act of creation that brings about a life should not be taken lightly. Once you realize how much of a miracle your life and existence truly is, this perspective should open up a whole new world of thoughts and possibilities. You are wonderfully and uniquely made. There is not another you out there in this large vast world we live in!

You have been created as a one of a kind, unique limited edition model never to be duplicated. This revelation should spark a fire inside of you to truly take a good long hard look at your life to insure that you are fulfilling all the gifts, talents, and blessings that were bestowed upon you. If you take the time to really seek within your own heart you will find all the answers you have been looking for to truly understand why you were created and what tasks you are responsible to fulfill in this lifetime.

Your existence has meaning and you will never truly be fulfilled in your life and complete until you carry out the tasks that were entrusted to you from the beginning. I trust that this rekindled interest in your life will bring about some wonderful discoveries and interesting outcomes. Just rest and believe in the fact that your creative life’s purpose will bring you both joy and contentment that truly cannot be defined or described by words.

You will marvel at how everything just seems to fall into place once you find and carry out your life’s calling. You have sensed this polarity on your life before and now you see why it is so very important to listen to that voice that is beckoning you to become all that you know you are capable of being.

Embrace your life once and for all and watch its purpose unfold before your very eyes. The awesome and unlimited you awaits your next move to a totally unbelievable and breath-taking life.

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