The Meaning of Ichthus

Probably the very first symbol adopted by the early Church was the Fish symbol known in Greek as the Ichthus. “Ichthus” is the acrostic for Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter. This translated into English is: Jesus Christ, Son of GOD, Savior; and, serves as the testimony of faith for Christians to this day. The Ichthus symbolizes the Christian who walks by Faith and not by sight.

During the era of fierce persecution at the hands of the Roman government, the early Christians found themselves on the run and their movement was forced underground. Christian literature and bodies were seized and burned. The Ichthus was adopted as a discreet symbol of identification among the first Christians.The Ichthus would be inconspicuously drawn to point toward secret meeting locations, also designating where Christians could secure food and lodging from their compatriots or sympathizers to their cause.

Yahshua’ performed many miracles that involved fish. The proselytizing of Yahshua’ and his disciples is known as “fishing.” The Fish also represents the Piscean cycle from the time of Yahshua’ to the end of the last century. The 2,000 years of the Piscean cycle were characterized by the dominance of the Church and the prevalence of war.

Time is a revolving wheel, and the Zodiac, which is viewed with skepticism by many, was originally intended to be used as a calendar for the reckoning of Time (see Genesis 1:14). Each 2000 and some odd years the wheel of Time passes through one of the zodialogical houses. A complete cycle is 24 or 25 thousand years. We have come to the end of a 25,000 year cycle.

The past three cycles were marked by the growth and dominance of three religions: Mithraism in the Age of Taurus; Judaism in the Age of Aries; and, Christianism in the Age of Pisces.

What will be the religion of the new Aquarian Age? We have arrived at the “Dawn” of the New Day! The current cycle in which we live, the Aquarian cycle, is not just a time of political change but a time of Universal change. The world as we once knew it to be has come to an end. This world will undergo a 100% complete transformation. There will be no need for a “religion” in the New Age as each man, woman and child will bask in the Light of the Knowledge of God. There will be no need for religious teachers: rabbis, priests, pastors, or imams; because, we will be ONE with Our Lord (Jeremiah 31: 33 & 34).

Elyah Israel is an author, visionary and the founder of CHRIST CONSCIOUS CENTRE. CCC is a ministry devoted to the research, and development of the Inner Christ -the True Realization of GOD in ourselves. Elyah publishes books, articles, and essays dedicated to espousing the Gospel of the Inner Teaching. The Gospel of the Inner Teaching is a Salve of Healing for our world which is drunk with dogma and division and sick with superstition. CHRIST CONSCIOUS CENTRE advocates and promotes literacy and scholarship in Biblical Hebrew. Hebrew is the language that YAHWEH spoke, and the Original language in which the Holy Bible was written. The Hebrew Aleph Beyt is an ancient system of alphanumeric/ hieroglyphic symbols. When we explore this body of Wisdom we gain the mystical insight to think outside of the (traditional) box regarding Scriptural interpretations. The Knowledge contained in this Body of Wisdom is the Key to Understanding the inner meaning of the Holy Bible.




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